Inferno movie review

Last thursday I went to see Inferno’s debut at Norte Shopping in Porto, Portugal. I was curious about this movie because I’ve seen as well Da Vinci’s Code and Angels and Demons. Although I haven’t read any of Dan Brown’s books. Therefore, my opinion is based exclusively on the movies.


Inferno as well as the previous one was produced by Ron Howard. Despite the speculation about Tom Hanks doing a third movie, indeed he did. So we have him and Felicity Jones as the main characters (Robert Langdon and Sienna Brooks respectively).


The plot is another riddle Langdon must solve with Brooks’ help in order to stop a plague killing billions of people on earth. The tricky part is that Robert is suffering from amnesia from a supposedly bullet wound. In this movie things you think are true will not be in the end, but you will discover if you go see it.

Tom Hanks;Felicity Jones

Overall, it’s an entertaining mistery thriller but not much of a big deal in my opinion. Again my movie review is only based on the movie, I haven’t read the book. So I watched the movie because I previously saw the others if it was only for this one I would say it’s just another movie where they fight the bad guys to stop some plague that will end humanity. Actors did a good job though!

Go watch it and tell me what you think about it! Here, I leave you the trailer:

Inferno Movie Poster:




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