South Korean Horror Movie: Train to Busan

At Bande Annonce I haven’t had yet the opportunity to share one of my favourite’s movie genres which is horror. Although I don’t like that much movies with blood all over the place and people getting killed in the most strangest ways, I like those with spiritual stuff or with diseases and epidemics. I find them more realistic.


I was searching for movies within this year related to this genre and I found one which was very successful in South Korea with 10 million people watching it. Train to Busan is an horror movie with zombies. A plague has started and when people get infected there’s no coming back. The movie follows the story of a group of people trying to survive in a train full of zombies and getting into a safe city: Busan.


I really enjoyed this movie, first because it was the first South Korean movie I’ve ever seen, second because I like asian culture and the movie reflects it and third because the argument was very good. You can really understand how society is in South Korea and how does that afect human relationships. Also, I was not expecting but it can get very emotional as well (weird but nice).


The movie director was Yeon Sang-ho and starred Gong Yoo, Jung Yu-mi and Ma Dong-seok, very famous actors in South Korea. After the debut the movie had such a good critic that an animated version was made. For me it’s definitely a must-watch movie. And I think I’ll be paying more attention to other movies rather than only the American ones.

Note: Most definitely you won’t find it in portuguese theaters.

Watch the movie trailer below:


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