Get a job: Is it that bad?

Get a job is a movie that was launched earlier this year in US only and probably it won’t get to the theaters in Portugal. The movie started its production in 2012 and there was a time when the crew thought the movie wouldn’t be release due to distribution issues.

The truth is the movie was out, 4 years after its production and the critics aren’t good at all. But, as I am not a follower I like to have an opinion when I see for myself. So, I watched the movie without seeing the critics first. Ok, I can’t tell it has an excellent argument that you’ll blow you away but it’s not that bad, it’s funny, at least for me.


The plot is about a bunch of new graduates from college and the proccess they have been through in order to find a job. It stars famous actors such us Anna Kendrick, Miles Teller and Alison Brie, so if you didn’t know so far, you know already that the genre is a comedy.


I actually enjoyed the movie because it’s light, funny and gives you courage to pursue what you want in life and not allow being drowned by what society expects you to be. That’s why I wouldn’t say it’s mediocre. For me it’s an average movie.

One think that I want you to keep in mind is the mood I have when watching movies and I think that influences as well your opinion, not only your daily mood but also your life’s general mood at the time. And I was keen on to see it!

Get a Job

Get a job was directed by Dylan Kidd and produced by CBS Films.

Check out the trailer below:


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