The Mechanic: Resurrection movie review

The Mechanic: Resurrection (in Portuguese, Mechanic: Assassino Profissional) had its debut in Portugal last month, although I only saw it yesterday.

The Mechanic: Resurrection movie review

I know this is going to sound not that good, but actually I didn’t remember there was a previous Mechanic and actually I saw it but I must say I don’t remember anything at all so it’s like I haven’t seen it. Also, I think you haven’t noticed it yet but from now on you will, I don’t like that much action movies. I like when there’s a good argument behind the movie, but that is not so common nowadays, I must admit.

The Mechanic: Resurrection movie review

So, I went on to see The Mechanic and…surprise.. I didn’t like it that much. Why? Because it’s too damn obvious. Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) is the movie hero, defeating the so called bad guys that kiddnapped his beloved one Gina (Jessica Alba) who he met 2 or 3 days before. Really? I am sick of the same old story. And that’s pretty much it, then of course he needs to do some badass jobs in order to save her. The End.


What I did like were the action parts he has been through in order to save her. Actually I think he would be a good cientist instead of a killer because he had always a lab with him in order to prepare the stuff he needed.

Watch the trailer below:


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