The secret life of pets: discover what they do after you leave!

A friend of mine who has a 5 year old daughter invited me to go to the movies to watch: The secret life of pets (in Portuguese, A vida secreta dos nossos bichos). It’s an animation movie and I am that kind of stubborn who thinks nothing is better than Disney’s classics (and it’s true). But surprisingly I enjoyed this movie! So, I think is a must-see animation movie definitely.

The secret life of pets was directed by Chris Renaud and was released in Portugal in mid August and it’s dubbed, in this case I think it makes sense. The movie has several characters (of course the majority of them are animals) and each one has its own unique personality.

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The movie is very funny, I found myself laughing like a child (sadly it’s true), but be prepared because the audience is not that quiet, what is understandable. The secret life of pets follows the story of two dogs, Max and Duke, who are not that friends at the beginning but that will turn in the end due to disadventures they will live together with their friends. There are several groups of animals whose story is entirely connected.

Either if you are a grown up or a kid you will enjoy it, it’s an educative movie with important values that are passed on, like friendship, commitment, resilience and for me the most important one: you can be friends with whoever you want to (thus no to racism). A dog is friends with a cat, and the cat with the bird. Strange, but true.

You should whatch it!

Check the trailer below:


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