The Shallows: Another movie with sharks, really?

Did you see Gravity? It was pretty much a dialogue between Sandra Bullock and George Clooney at the beginning and after his character death it was a monologue only. Don’t get me wrong, I loved gravity. However if are expecting to see lots of action in: The Shallows (in Portuguese, Águas Profundas) you are wrong.

It’s just another movie with a white shark that kills some people and that chases Nancy (Blake Lively) until the end of the movie. There are only a few characters, but without a significant importance, so I consider it almost a monologue.

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Apparently the movie has received good reviews worldwide, although I don’t understand why. Nancy’s story is nice, Blake’s interpretation is good but that’s it.

Can we let sharks alone and move on? There are other dangerous animals if you really want to make movies with animals.


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