Suicide Squad: Too many expectations?

I was expectating a way better movie than Suicide Squad actually was! I mean, they started advertising one year before, of course the expectations were high. It’s the second movie in a row based on DC Comics that’s disappointing, the other was Superman VS Batman.

Suicide Squad had everything to be a great movie, good and rising actors, nice argument but… had epic failures, one of which the special effects on Enchantress scenes. Was that done by a 10 year old? And that voice, please!

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My favourite character was Harley Quinn, interpreted by Margot Robbie. It was flawless! She was crazy enough to keep the character interesting. I also enjoyed watching Jared Leto playing Joker, who didn’t, right? But I expected as well to see more from him and according to the media he had more scenes that were cut. Why? It was Jared Leto playing Joker. At least: SPOILER Alert – he survided in the end 🙂

In the overhall Suicide Squad didn’t match my expectations and yours?

See the movie trailer below:


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