Me before you: not that convincing?

One of the last movies I saw was: Me before you (in Portuguese, Viver depois de ti). For me it was a so so movie. I mean, I didn’t hate it, actually I enjoyed but I think it could’ve been much better, if it wasn’t for Emilia’s lack of emotion.

Just so you know, the movie is about a love story between a lovely girl with a strange taste for clothes and a successful business and rich man condemned to a wheelchair. Emilia Clarke is Louisa Clark, Lou, the weird girl and Sam Claflin is Will Traynor the businessman.

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Although a lively, passionate and devoted girl, Lou doesn’t seem to have such a major goal in life other than helping her parents. The problem is that she is not able to have a job for a long time. However, that changes when she starts working at Will Traynor’s home, to take care of him. Of course, at the beginning things aren’t going very well because Will doesn’t want to be understood and also he had defined clearly what he would do with his life. Lou is there to prove him wrong, but it won’t be an easy task.

Of course they fall in love during the time they spend together but will that be enough to in order to stop Will from commiting euthanasia? You have to see it for yourself.

To sum up, I enjoyed the subject of the movie being Euthanasia, without having any conotation if we should be in favour or against but I think Emilia’s scenes are a little bit fake, she is not suffering that much for someone whose love wants to give up life. But you tell me what you think.

PS: I still love you Khaleesi 🙂

Check the trailer if you haven’t seen the movie:


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